Chapman’s Pool – April walk of the month

Chapman’s Pool on the Dorset coast is our walk of the month as seen in the 2016 calendar for April. This is a 7-mile breathtaking walk around a limestone coastline carved into dramatic caves and platforms by millions of years of erosion by the sea, and hundreds of years of human quarrying. The view, as pictured above on a sunny spring day, reveals the coves and inlets used by smugglers.

From prehistoric times humans have lived here and exploited the cliffs and coves for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from prehistoric tools to medieval farming to smuggling in the 18th and 19th century.

Chapman’s Pool itself is a wonderfully wild beach where the stream joins the sea from a plunging ravine carved through high cliffs. The natural and quarried caves make it a great playground for swashbuckling kids and would-be smugglers.

Picture caption: This fine view of Chapman’s Pool was taken by photographer Brian Howe, who won the annual South West Coast Path Association photography competition in 2014. Find out about the competition and see all the images that feature in the 2016 Calendar on the Association’s website here.

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